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So today i woke up excessively tired and came to the odd realization, i have a tumblr! From what i know its a place to blog about stuff that goes on in life, and even if no one reads it, its just the fun of writing about your day, kind of like a journal… but anyone can see it o,o


So i was thinking i should try to blog or start writing about what my days are like, just so i can have memories of my highschool year (near the end of sophmore year) because i want to have fondish memories of highschool (those exist right?). I then came to the realization, would have an exciting enough day to write about? To me, i definetly did.

Today is thursday, and as many people know, i despise thursday because it could be friday, but its not trying hard enough, and its a tease to the weekend. Sigh. But i was actually kind of looking forward to today because 1. drivers education class is over, (I PASSED MY DRIVERS TEST WITH A 90 :D) and today was the first day of gym (well not really, my teacher let us have two days of gym as a break over the past two months i’ve had the course, but the first time i was out of the class within 5 minutes because i ran into my friend jace and my face was bleeding, fun times, and the second i was gone for washington dc) 2. I WAS MAKING EPIC MUFFINS IN CULINARY :D (i will explain my school situation later)

Same old waking up at 6:05, getting ready, i honestly dont remember much about my early mornings, but my mom told me it was going to rain, but after gym. I get my band jacket, bag and leave for the bus. I met billy and we started walking up to the stop talking about stuff we hated, and i went off about how i dislike thursdays, and he went off on how mondays are much worse, but its not true. The bus was early and we had to run for it. Great start. On the bus we always talk about different things, before it was always about band but now we talk about skyrim and things that matter to us, and how i try to convince him handheld gaming and the internet is a good thing, but i usually dont remember much of the conversations. Surprisingly today we made this light that my bus always has to cross to get to gami, and it was the third time all year we made it without stopping. For some reason when we got to the school we were in the first row of busses to be let off, so i guess that light is a magical portal into the past or something.

We get let off and i walk up to gami to meet my friends, and i talk to joey, gia, sass master Richard and Tommy. Gia always hugs me and we always talk about random stuff. After all the busses leave, i went to get on my bus for ACIT to meet jace, alex, theresa, taylor and lexi. I walk on the bus and lexi gives me a bunch of anime movies that i can borrow until monday, which is awesome (which i should probably take out of my backpack). I play my routine puzzle swap and find mii on my 3ds streetpass, who i only got my brother and donutking (what is goo?) which is surprising because i usually get a bunch of people. The bus ride was normal and i get to school asking the regular question, why am i here?

My bus from gami is always late for the first bell at ACIT, so i go to get my pass from Mr Olinda (who is a awesome trombone player) and he gives me a limited edition baseball pass. Its just a regular pass but with certain cuts on it, which is small, but can still brighten a day. I walk with my locker with alex, we get our stuff and i get on my way to Geometry while he goes off to history with mrs Pizio.

I walk into Mrs. Smiths class to see a little kid say goodmorning to me when i walk in and put my pass on the pile of passes on her desk. Today was ‘bring your kid to work day’ but i had no idea. It was still funny to have her get her son to check our homework, and the people that didnt do it just showed the little kid any paper they had and he marked it as complete. Soon after that, a person i didnt know named Ms. Previty (idk how to spell her name) walks into our room and says she’ll need some of our time to talk about our future in high school. She gives us a packet and says inside is what decides what classes we’ll be taking next year. There was the option to take ap classes, french III, and our choice of fine arts, either music or visual art. I think i might want to take AP history, but i havent fully decided. The rest of the class went by very fast, and i was so tired i honestly dont remember what happened. (9.10 pm, i so got this)

Next was P.E, our first day and me and my friend john walked outside to get our bus to the annex. Me and John talk about a lot of stuff but we have a wierd friendship, in that he can be a prick a lot of times. We get to Mrs. Whites class and everybody wants to know if we are going outside or not because of the rain, and luckily, we got to go outside. We were going to be playing capture the flag with the seniors. 

I was ok with this but some of the people wanted to play basketball instead of capture the flag, so we were out powered and out numbered. I grab my band jacket and i head outside for the game. The first game, i decide to be on the offensive and i go with my friend art and john to try to get some defenders out. We walk up to the ball and theres this wierd chick with thick rimmed glasses and tape looking at me and she said, ‘you dont want this flag’ and reading my band jacket ‘sam the fucking tuba’. So i stay there and i ended up pulling two definding flags while the wierd chick is badmouthing everyone on my team and says we deserve it because we’re lower classman. GTFO I DONT KNOW YOU. Eventually she picks up some cones of the ground and starts throwing them at me, which i dodge most of them. She throws a bunch at my face and takes one of my flags. She then commences to say ‘ha, bitch’ and throws the flag in my face.

We ended up losing that round but the next round i was on offensive again, and she was on defensive the next round. Me lexi and this girl adrianna were going up to the flag post, and she calls lexi a ‘fatass tree’ and she calls adrianna a ‘walking vagina’ and that we were all worthless dumbasses. I said she was worse than the freshman girls to spite her, and she got pissed and said that a dumb sophmore should be bowing down to seniors like her. She turned around and i walk up to her and take her last flag, then said ‘ha, bitch’ tossing the flag at her the way she did to me. She got so mad after that, she got up in my face saying I’m a horrible ugly fat ass, in which i replied ‘you’e hurting my feelings so much i cant stand it’ in a not-very-emotional way. She got so mad she stormed off the defensive and went to her p.e teacher and i saw her pointing at me and yelled I WANT HIM OUT OF HERE like a spoiled brat. I didnt see her after she walked with mrs albarno to somewhere in the field. I asked some of the other seniors if she always acted like that and they said yeah, none of them liked her either. People were saying if they were me they would have punched her out for what she did, and i actually got the ghetto girls on my side, but i said I would rather solve it with words instead of violence, which i did. The next couple of games i actually got some seniors out, especially with my stealth. There was this one guy who came up to me and said ‘ok you might as well give me your flag now’ and i ended up taking his. I established a name today. Back in the locker rooms, people were talking about how ‘Molly’ freaked out on a sophmore, and they were all saying whoever it was had crazy balls and i was just laughing beacuse they didn’t know it was me. Sadly i left my phone in that locker room.. (9.37 i need to do the rest of today tomorrow…lolok)